We are in need of hope and restoration.

We believe that God has always been just and will always expect those who follow Him to uphold justice. How can we uphold justice if we ignore the opportunity to become educated on what is going on around us and seek to fully understand? We are in need of the hope of Jesus!

Although there are many social issues happening all around us to address, we are focusing on two in particular: substance abuse and human sex trafficking.  We also want to help mercy ministries as they provide physical needs in our community to those in need.
As we parter with ministries in Northeast Ohio, our goal is to help educate on the growing crisis in our area and bring together 10,000 people in Northeast Ohio who will commit to praying for our community.


Reach – Substance Abuse and Addiction

We are in a state of emergency. In Ohio alone, 10 people die from opioid-related deaths every day, 10,000 more are actively struggling with addiction, and 84 infants are being treated for drug withdrawal from Ohio hospitals. We cannot ignore this problem as it is only getting worse. Something has to change.

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Rescue – Human Sex Trafficking

The average age of a trafficked girl is 12. We have all heard about human trafficking, but few of us know what it actually means and that it is happening right here on the streets of Northeast Ohio. The state of Ohio ranks 4th in the highest call volume to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. The truth is horrifying.

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Renew – Caring For Our Community

In 2016, 1 in 6 residents from the six counties around Cleveland, OH was food insecure.  Food insecure is defined as “struggling to avoid hunger, hungry, or at risk of hunger, and hungry, or faced by the threat of hunger.”  That’s a total of 308,460 people.  

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Supported Ministries

Many of our ministry partners address either substance abuse or human sex trafficking in some way.  We want to partner with them to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. View our full list of like-minded, Christ-centered ministry partners who share in our vision of promoting God’s Kingdom through spreading the Gospel and telling people about Jesus.

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