God is just. He has always been just and has always expected, and will always expect, those who love and follow him to uphold justice.

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Committed to the sanctity, restoration,
and respect of each life in Northeast Ohio.

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We are in a state of emergency. In Summit County, 10,000 people are addicted to opioids, and on average, 84 infants are being treated for drug withdrawal in Ohio hospitals and 13 Ohioans die each day due to opiate-related deaths.

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The average age of a trafficked girl is 12. Lots of us have heard about human trafficking, but few of us know what it actually means or looks like on the streets of Summit County. Neglect, Abductions, Grooming, Abuse, Coercion. The truth is horrifying. The state of Ohio ranks 4th in the highest call volume to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

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